Food Catering For Wedding

Wedding food is a little different from the kind of fare you expect at most parties, corporate events and anniversaries. Weddings are all about love, passion and elegance, and the food you serve should ideally encapsulate something about the day itself. Understanding how the two fit together takes a keen eye and plenty of experience in the competitive Beverly Hills market.

Contemporary Catering gets it right with the kind of detailed approach that wins raves from hosts and guests alike. No matter what your vision for the day, we can make it happen with decadent spreads and the kind of presentation that leaves everyone floored. It's all part of a commitment we maintain every day to providing the very best service in Southern California.

How We Do It

Our menu is comprised of some of the most interesting foods we have encountered in our world travels. If you have ever found yourself growing impatient with the homogenized menus many caterers provide, we invite you to take a look at our extensive downloadable menu. Simply put, you won't find a more comprehensive selection anywhere in the city.

Apply here for a free estimate if you want a sense of what it will take to get from conception to execution. We make our customers' feelings a priority, and that includes negotiating the price until everyone is thrilled with the outcome. Call or write if you have any questions about our exceptional services.