Special Event Catering

Not all catering events are created equal. Some of them are themed or unusual affairs that require a little more than the usual humdrum approach. At Contemporary Catering, we make a priority of ensuring our proposals, presentations and service are equal to whatever you're planning, no matter how unusual.

It is an approach that has earned us high marks from distinguished hosts for many years now in Beverly Hills. There aren't too many other catering companies in the country that can handle and execute the breadth of events we cover, from whimsical movie openings to gorgeous, stately weddings. Whatever you need, we guarantee we will be there in style on the day of the event--dazzling food in tow.

What You Get

The Contemporary Catering approach is a little different from what you might find if you worked with a more traditional caterer. Our menus here and here should give you some idea of where all the good reviews come from: a tremendously eclectic choice of foods and styles. No one in the area offers this kind of sheer diversity, and few people have the kind of versatile chefs to make so many foods really soar.

Check out the site if you like and don't forget to fill out a request for a free estimate . At Contemporary Catering, we take pride in giving every client a simple negotiation that puts all the most important parts of the day front and center. You won't find a better price for the exceptional food we prepare every day.